Billing made easy with EDI

Add convenience and efficiency to your business using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). With electronic billing using EDI, your business data can be seamlessly exchanged between computer systems, making billing paper-free, hassle free.

EDI Benefits
  • Eliminate late fees due to mail delivery
  • Unify data and bill processing formats
  • Improve reporting and auditing methods
  • Improve error detection
  • Access billing and energy use information more quickly and easily
  • Perform budget and trend analysis in a historical database with no data entry or paperwork required
  • Upload information directly into accounting systems
  • Reduce paper consumption, postage and associated costs

Please note: Your business will no longer receive a paper bill when you enroll in EDI billing.

How Electronic Data Interchange works

If your business is EDI-enabled, has access to a Value Added Network (VAN), and complies with TECO's EDI standards, you can receive your TECO billing information electronically. This allows you to pay bills using any of our convenient payment options, including automatic electronic payments.

To ensure a smooth transition to EDI Billing, you'll work closely with a TECO representative and test selected accounts. Once the testing has been completed to your satisfaction and all aspects of the EDI transactions have been completed, you can decide which accounts you want on EDI.

Because TECO transmits your bill via EDI on the same day that your bill would typically be prepared, you have the information immediately. After reviewing the EDI billing transmissions, your accounting department can make payment electronically through your bank or using one of the other payment options available to you.

Electronic Data Interchange Implementation Guidelines
Please download our Utility Industry Group-compliant EDI 810 version 4010 guidelines for your use in implementing EDI.

Download EDI Implementation Guide

We're ready to work with you!

Please contact our Business & Industry team at (866) 832-6249, weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Did you know EDI requires special hardware and software? Please visit the American National Standards Institute to learn more.